“Non mi dir” from Don Giovanni (Recorded August 2022)

Malinda is a teaching artist for What is Opera, Anyway? and has been featured as a guest on the podcast. Take a listen to “What is Czech Opera, Anyway?” and “Who Are Puccini’s Heroines, Anyway?”

What is “Our Singing Bodies” Anyway? What is Opera, Anyway?

In this week's episode, Marcus chats with Jardena Gertler-Jaffe, a soprano from Western Canada who is the creator of “Our Singing Bodies”, an online platform for singers to explore, discuss, and make art about their bodies in singing, while also celebrating the craft and critiquing the discipline in which we make art. They talk about body image and body confidence as a singing artist, and the “super-human” activity that singing artist accomplish every time they perform. To find our more about or to contribute to “Our Singing Bodies,” you can head to oursingingbodies.com and @singingbodies on Instagram. You can keep up with Jardena at jardenasings.com and @jardenagj on Instagram. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whatisoperaanyway/support
  1. What is “Our Singing Bodies” Anyway?
  2. What is ‘Modern Experimental’ Opera, Anyway?
  3. What is it like being a "differently abled" singer, Anyway?
  4. How do you find artistic support, anyway?
  5. How did "It's A Wonderful Life" become an opera, anyway?